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General Points

Please note that all fees quoted on this page quoted exclusive of VAT and also do not include court fees or other disbursements which may be required

Unlike debt collection agencies, we do not charge commissions or setup fees. We therefore have no incentive to cherry pick easy cases and leave the difficult cases. We apply the same degree of effort and skill to all cases. We will however warn you if we believe pursuing a particular case may be uneconomic. For example, if the debt is a relatively small debt and it is likely that litigation would be required to recover the debt, we will alert you before you incur any significant costs whether we believe it is commercially sensible and economic to pursue the case to litigation.

Fixed-price work other than Initial Service Package

There are a number of items of work which we do typically charge on a fixed-price basis. For example, service of Statutory Demands and issue of County Court Proceedings. Please telephone Simon for details.

Please note that fixed price quotations will not, unless otherwise stated, include disbursements. So, for example, if we quote a fixed fee the service of a Statutory Demand there will in addition be a charge for the fee payable by us to the process server who serves the Statutory Demand on your customer.

Simon is happy to agree fixed fees for specific elements/stages of work in many cases so that you are able to budget in advance for your legal costs.


Paid and Unpaid


Time based Fees

Where claims are disputed or where the work is not charged on a fixed-price basis, our fees are charged based on time spent and based upon an hourly charge rate which is currently £165.00 plus VAT.

If we do charge on a time basis, we will provide you in advance with an estimate of the likely costs for specific work and we will provide regular interim invoices to you on account of work done so that you can spread the cost over a period of time.


Initial Service Package

When we receive your instructions for a case, we open a file and we prepare a letter tailored to the specific circumstances of the case which will include calculated claims for interest and costs if appropriate. Under the late payment legislation, it is generally possible to recover your costs from your customer so that the fees you are obliged to pay us are reimbursed to you by your customer. Please note that the late payment legislation only applies to business contracts.

Letters to limited companies will include the names of the directors – experience indicates that personalised letters are more effective particularly with debtors who may be inclined to ignore correspondence from solicitors.

If there are specific points that you would like included in the letter, then we can include them. For example, if you produce to us copies of emails or letters chasing your customer for payment or if you give us details of telephone calls made to your customer chasing payment, we will make specific reference in the letter to those communications and remind your customer that they have not responded or, where appropriate, have made promises of payment which have not been fulfilled.

We send letters by email, fax and post if you provide us with the relevant contact details.

Simon will then follow up by telephone to your customer about 3 working days after sending the letter to verify that the letter has been received and is receiving attention and to ascertain whether your customer is willing/able to make payment within the timeframe indicated in our letter (5 working days).

Simon will then report back to you by telephone or email. In cases where there is any dispute raised by the customer regarding the debt, he will provide you with full details as provided by your customer. If your customer says that they cannot afford to pay the debt immediately, Simon will press for a specific proposal from your customer and will then pass that on to you for your consideration and decision.

The fee for the initial work including pre-action letter, telephone call and report back to you is £30.00 plus VAT plus the standard late payment charge (both elements are recoverable from your business customers unless you have agreed contract terms with your customer which exclude the late payment legislation).

Any further work beyond that stage would either be charged on a time basis (or alternatively on a fixed price basis if we agree a fixed fee with you).

Payment of our invoices and payment in advance

We hope that you will agree that our fees are extremely competitive. The business model we have adopted which enables us to offer such competitive prices works on the basis that clients pay all invoices within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

Please note that in certain cases we may need to ask you to pay money in advance to us. For example, if we have to incur substantial fees with barristers or the court, we may send you an interim invoice requesting payment of those costs in advance before we pay the barrister or the court.

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